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Limited Collections & Collaborations

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Join A Growing Community !

Join our Discord community and engage with our members to earn "Community XP." 
Every comment, reaction or general engagement will earn you XP and increase your member rank. Your
member rank reflects your member access to tiered ; giveaways, token gated events, "Mint Passes" and more.


Engage to earn Server XP!

" Unlocking more opportunities to win or redeem exclusive content "

We've integrated community server ranks  which will determine the amount of experiences, members will be eligible for within the community discord. 
Often, we support other NFT projects through partnerships, collaborations or simply purchasing their artwork,  hand selected NFT's by our team that we give away to our community!
The higher your rank the more giveaways you will be eligible for.


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Many Reasons to Join :

Physical/Tangible Rewards + Active Community Benefits.

Debut Solo Collection TangiblesV1, features ( 11x ) physical or tangible 1:1 pieces of artwork to be won!
           🚫 No Prints Here 🚫 

- 1 in 10 Holders selected to Win 1:1 Artwork
-Created by Nick Taylor

- All 110 TangiblesV1 holders, receive OG Rank in our community Discord Server ( transferrable with ownership ) 

- OG Rank will retain the highest odds possible to win giveaways, experiences, and more!
Think of it like our " Founders Pass " 

- Mint Date December 31 2022 for WL  
- Jan 2nd 2023 for Public
FOLLOW @artofnicktaylor for Info and Updates!

Advanced Neanderthals - Mint Pass.png

Advanced Neanderthals

" Need your help to release them into the Ethereum Blockchain! "

  Nick Taylors Genesis PFP Collection :
will require Collectors  to hold an Advanced Neanderthal "Mint-Pass" inside their ox wallet in order to mint from this very limited collection of 333 hand drawn 1:1 collectibles. 
Our most active community members will retain the highest odds possible to redeem a "FREE" Mint Pass to purchase an Advanced  Neanderthal PFP.  Some hidden Keys may present themselves in other collectibles throughout The Art of Nick Taylor Drops and Collaborations.

  These Passes will be given away passively to our community and during social events and twitter spaces.  The higher your server rank, the better your odds to win in community discord!


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Contact Us

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

 @ArtofNickTaylor / @Nick_T_Advanced

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