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Limited Collections & Collaborations

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Join A Growing Web3 Brand !

Join our Discord community and engage with our members to earn "Community XP." 
Every comment, reaction or general engagement will earn you XP and increase your member rank. Your
member rank reflects your member access to tiered ; giveaways, token gated events, "Mint Passes" and more.


 #🐷-Slaughterhouse Rumbles

" Daily Opportunities to win FREE NFT's "

The Slaughterhouse is our version of Daily Community Prize Rumbles.

How it works : 
- ✅ Verify and Join the ANT Community Discord 
- 👍 React to the #🐷-Slaughterhouse Bot Channel daily
- Win or achieve a pre determined bounty such as 5th death
( That's right losers can win 🤯)
- Winners get  raffle tickets for our many active NFT Raffles 
- Some battles may warrant an instant winner 
( This will be announced before a battle begins )


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Become a Genesis NFT Holder !

Physical/Tangible Rewards + Community Benefits.

TangiblesV1, features ( 11x ) physical 1 : 1 pieces of artwork to be won!
           🚫No Prints Here🚫 

- 1 in 10 holders will be selected to Win 1 : 1 physical Artwork
- Hand made by Nick Taylor

- All 110 TangiblesV1 holders, receive OG Rank in the community Discord Server (transferrable with ownership)  

- OG Rank will retain the highest odds possible to receive access to giveaways, experiences, Mystery Airdrops, WL's and much more!
Think of it like our " Founders Pass " 
as we continue to scale so will the access and experience of our Limited OG members.

- OG Holders get 2x Raffle tickets when winning any of 
The #🐷-Slaughterhouse Rumbles.

Advanced Neanderthal PROMO #01 OG.JPG

Advanced Neanderthals

" Need your help to release them into the Ethereum Blockchain! "

Art of Nick Taylor 1:1 Hand Drawn PFP Collection : 
- 333 Total Supply 
- Ethereum Blockchain to Ordinal Upgrade ( Optional )

- 20x Airdrops
 Reserved for " Foreshadow " Holders
- 110x Discounted WL Reserved for " TangiblesV1"  Holders 
- Standard WL access granted to all❌- Holders 
- Remaining WL will be overallocated to TBC Holders
- Remaining unsold allocated to public sale
- Mint MAX : 1 Per Wallet.
- All Neanderthals will be eligible to recei
ve a  solid
Orange background 1:1 mirrored HD image for every Neanderthal they Own to inscribe on the Bitcoin blockchain thus participating in the first Art of Nick Taylor Ordinals Collection. 
NOTE : Holders will be responsible for inscribing their ordinals to be eligible for the official collection listing.  a Deadline will be created for this process and Neanderthals that are not user inscribed will be created by ANT and distributed via Public sale.
Epic Holders will get a 1:1 Custom Ordinal Neanderthal created as the files composition is to large for Ordinals.

" Are you Advanced enuff "

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Contact Us

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

 @ArtofNickTaylor / @Nick_T_Advanced

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