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About The Art of Nick Taylor

A Unique approach, with community for foundation in mind. 
Our goal is to produce:
- Quality artwork
- Unique collaborations
- Limited Collections
- Surprise Drops 
- Unmatched Community Foundation
- A Brand!

"The Art of Nick Taylor" is comprised of a small team, featuring Nick Taylor | @Nick_T_Advanced as the featured artist and creative visionary. 
Roni Mercer | @artofnicktaylor | @NFTeknik is the Project Founder/Developer/Public relations and marketing representative.  Our Discord moderation team is developing and consists of active community members or Collectors .

Roadmap V1 consists of (2) Solo collections , however it will begin with a unique collaboration campaign, designed to establish a diverse and bridged community, while also laying the foundation for the quality of work and morals expected with all " The Art of Nick Taylor's " partners, affiliates, and collectors alike.   These unique collaborations are known as Nick Taylor [ X ] Collectibles.   Collecting 7x [ X-Points ] - allows the holder to redeem a 1:1 custom  from Nick Taylor.  Tangibles V1, ANT's Solo Genesis Debut Collection is a (110 Piece) NFT collection created from (11) pieces of 1:1 tangible/physical artwork.  Every Tangibles V1 NFT will represent a Founding Member and grant its holders an "OG" rank to verified holders, within the community discord server.
This rank will remain capped at 110 members which retains the highest odds possible to win :
- Raffles 
- Giveaways 
- Airdrops 
- Whitelists to Future #ANT Drops over 300 Pieces.

Grand Prize : 1 in 10 holders from each of the (11) different NFT's, will be randomly selected to WIN the original 1:1 piece of tangible/physical artwork ( mixed media ) Shipped to their door! 
Following the final sale of all 10 editions per NFT. )

Advanced Neanderthals will Drop very shortly after TangiblesV1 has minted out.
This is Nick Taylors Genesis PFP Collection and will give holders the opportunity to participate in the first Ordinals Collection from the ANT brand.  

Tangibles V1 and all Limited Edition Collaborations are viewable on [ ] on the [Crypto.Org/Cronos Blockchain]. Once the TangiblesV1 NFT Collection has Sold Out, and all physical prizes have been received we will announce the mint date for the " Advanced Neanderthals
(333) Hand drawn collectibles with I.P unlockable content and more.


The team is highly motivated by its community and considers its members as the foundation to further rewards and benefits. Members who participate in the server activities and initiate community bonds and conversations, will gain experience ( XP ), earning members higher ranked roles & unlocking additional opportunities to claim NFT's, rewards or experiences.

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