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VR/Meta Gallery

Immerse yourself using a VR supported headset, pc, or mobile phone to access  The Art of Nick Taylor's Public Meta Gallery and community space.  This Meta Gallery/VR Space, powered by was developed by ANT to provide new experiences to our community as well as integrate new utilities, opportunities and benefits within the space to our NFT holders and Collectors.

Explore and Discover

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Discover Something New! 

Within The Space adventurers are invited to embark on exploratory journeys into the vibrant landscape of Web3. Here, the Art of Nick Taylor team proudly showcases a plethora of diverse projects, each occupying its own frame within our Gallery. Through this curated collection, our community is provided with an expansive array of opportunities to delve into new realms, discover emerging communities, and engage with transformative experiences.  By fostering this collaborative ecosystem, we aim to not only enrich individual interactions but also cultivate a thriving environment where innovation and connection flourish at every turn.



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