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Nicholas Taylor

Exclusive / Featured Artist & Co-Founder

  A talented tattoo artist and owner of Dying Wish Tattoo Studio ( in Cambridge Ontario Canada. Locally, much of his work can be found in public view on trains, walls and other structures as Nick is heavily motivated by street art and graffiti. " The ability to express oneself through characterization and paint manipulation is always a wonder to behold "

  Collaborating in numerous projects with other talented artist and creating some unique pieces for local galleries, Nick Taylor has done nothing less then make a name for himself as a unique talent in the web3 space.

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Roni Mercer 

Founder / Operations Manager

Roni Mercer, also known as R.Dogg (@artofnicktaylor), is a versatile individual serving as the project founder and primary operations manager. Having shared a longstanding friendship with Nick Taylor, Roni has evolved into a dedicated leader within the brand, making significant contributions to the web3 community and serving as a committed team member who tirelessly conducts round-the-clock research and development to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape.

Recognizing the paramount importance of establishing a solid foundation with consistent community engagement for the future growth of any brand, Roni has diligently worked to solidify ANT as a consistent creative force with a diverse and expressive portfolio. Building robust relationships with fellow project leaders and developers in the field, Roni is steadfast in his mission to elevate "The Art of Nick Taylor" as one of the most renowned brands in the Web3 Space through strategic partnerships and community-centered marketing efforts. At the core of the ANT brand are multichain collaborations and the delivery of quality collections, serving as focal points driving its growth and recognition.

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Community Development Team 

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"The Round Table stands as a beacon of collaboration and innovation in the dynamic realm of Web3 and NFT projects. Comprising visionary founders and creators, this collective group converges at a virtual round table, metaphorically embodying unity and shared purpose. With a commitment to fostering efficiency and collective growth, these forward-thinking individuals bring diverse talents and perspectives to the table, weaving a tapestry of creativity and technological prowess. As they converge, a spirit of community resonates, transcending individual projects to create a formidable force for progress. Together, they navigate the complex landscape of decentralized technologies, exchange insights, and jointly develop groundbreaking initiatives that not only benefit their individual communities but elevate the entire Web3 ecosystem. The Round Table is not merely a collaboration; it is a testament to the power of unity, where the sum is truly greater than its parts, and where the collective pulse of innovation beats strongly, shaping the future of decentralized creativity and collaboration."

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