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" A Unique Approach "

The objective of The Art of Nick Taylor's team is to solidify the brand's reputation as a widely acknowledged, esteemed, and prominent limited collection digital creator brand and collaborative partner across multiple blockchains. This involves releasing limited edition collections, offering unique experiences, and tangible artwork while also retaining a distinct presence as a solo artist, providing exclusive content and experiences to our community.
This includes:

  • Delivering high-quality artwork and robust intellectual properties

  • Forming distinctive collaborations

  • Curating limited collections

  • Implementing deployment and integration across multiple chains

  • Establishing an unparalleled community foundation

  • Cultivating a strong brand identity.

  "The Art of Nick Taylor" is a Web3 lifestyle Brand that emerged in February 2022,  conceived by founder Roni Mercer in December 2021.
The project is a showcase of exclusive solo artworks and limited edition collaborations
by Co-Founder Nick Taylor,  a talented Tatto
o & Graffiti Artist hailing from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
Nick Taylor is also the proud owner and operator of Dying Wish Tattoo, situated in his hometown.

Roni Mercer, serving as the Founder and Manager of Operations,
is a firm advocate for providing artists like Nick Taylor with the freedom to express, create,
and share their goals and ambitions with their communities and collectors.
The Teams vision for the project emphasizes building strong relationships and collaborating with trusted partners within the web3 space.
This strategic approach aims to establish a robust foundation that can endure through generations,
ensuring that the artwork produced by Nick Taylor is not only shared but also cherished by a wide audience.
In essence, "The Art of Nick Taylor" is not just an NFT project;
it is a platform that fosters creativity, trust, and enduring relationships
between artists and their supporters in the ever-evolving landscape
of digital art and blockchain technology.

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