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Advanced Neanderthals 2024

In a parallel universe inhabited by advanced Neanderthals, these evolved ape-like beings have embraced and exaggerated current and past pop culture, weaving it seamlessly into their social and political narratives. From quirky reinterpretations of historical events to vibrant expressions of contemporary trends, the advanced Neanderthals thrive in a world where familiar concepts take on a uniquely captivating and humorous twist.


  Utilize your IP & unleash the creative power of your Advanced Neanderthal for unparalleled innovation and artistic expression.



Unlock a lifetime of exclusive perks including Airdrops, priority access, OG Membership, and other coveted benefits, all tailored to enhance your experience with the exquisite artistry of Nick Taylor.


Exercise your voting power and actively participate in the pivotal decisions of future integrations or directions weighing the metrics of Web3 technology and the future of ADVN.

More INfo :

- Top 6 Holders receive 1:1 Full Composition Unique ADVN w/ Physical Poster 
- 1x Otherdeed Expanded (#26512)
& 1x Dark Loaded Lion (#3431)
Raffle @ Mint Out.
- Playable Avatar : Nifty Island ( TBA )
( Optional ) 
BTC Ordinal Integration 



All ADVN will be eligible to receive an HD mirrored Image 1:1 with a unique orange background to be inscribed on BTC Ordinals.  This participation marks the inaugural Art of Nick Taylor Ordinals Collection.  This option is designed to encourage multi chain exploration, education and interoperability within a multi chain community.

A detailed guide and deadline will be provided for this process.
Neanderthals "NOT" user inscribed will be created by ANT and distributed via public sale.
BTC Neanderthals may be eligible for exclusive experiences or benefits.

Allow List : 100 MATIC / Public : 130 MATIC + 2.5 MATIC FEE Per ADVN & ⛽

Discord       _edited.png
Discord       _edited.png
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